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Thursday, July 31, 2008

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Yesterday was super, and today's bound to be awesome, too! X3 Mmkay, so first, we went to the photo studio where my bro got his senior pictures taken (he did a porn star pose in one of them!). It was actually rather amusing to watch. XD (Actually, even before that, we went to the bank and got lollipops! X3 But anyway...) After that, we went to the mall, and while our trip was a little shorter than I'd have liked because my mom was there and was bored and wanted to go home, it was still heaps of fun! There were just five of us (Bellamy, Croquet, Rayo, Lambo, and me) but we got a lot done. I got the stuff I needed for my costume so I can finish it up, I got Rayo's birthday pressies, and I bought everyone a bag of candy. XD Heehee~! We had a lot of sweets today. ^^; But it's OK. They made my tummy smile. :3 Afterwards, on the way home, we stopped and got icey-cream! ^^ It was soooo good~! I had st'awberry cheese, which I've never heard of before, but it was quite delicious. *nodnod* So that was my yesterday. Today, I'm going to Rayo's birthday party. ^^ It's gonna be shweeeet~!! *bounces up and down* Calzone and pie and all sorts of yummy food~! *drools at the thought* I can't wait! We always have such fun~! ^^ She's my fellow bear-fighting Papillon fan, after all~! -^^- Her whole family's pretty cool, really. (She has four sisters, and I love them all! X3) It's gonna be great! And even though she won't read this cuz she's not on TheO, happy birthday, Rayo~!! ^^ *cheers and throws confetti* Yay! Hooray~! Teehee~! After today, it's just one more day before we go to the con! X3 *squee* I'm super excited!! This week has been awesome~! ^^ Hope you guys are all having a good time, too! Hooroo for now, my friends~!

Hey-o, Rayo!

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