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Friday, July 11, 2008

   I Shared a Bed with a Rapist and He Stole All the Blankets.
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ That title? Yeah. True story. But I guess it's better to explain it, huh? ^^; Lol. I guess I should put up a warning now that this will get a little crude... >.> Maybe more than a little... I don't wanna upset/offend anyone, so if you don't wanna hear about a situation involving (fake) rape, you probably shouldn't keep reading this... Mmkay, so Wednesday night, Kemo and Croquet slept over, and it was quite an interesting event. XD Then again, it always is, but this one was a little different. Since we all have DS's, we decided to start a Pictochat, and it just got totally insane! Kemo, Croquet, and Bellamy decided that it was Gokudera-bashing night. -.-; And I (the Gokudera cosplayer) had to take all the heat. Croquet, who's our Hibari, decided on the way home from our last mall trip to rape Gokudera with one of his tonfas cuz that's what Hibari does best. (In an online roleplay way; no one actually got attacked.) So somehow, that came up again during our Pictochat, and so TR (tonfa rape) has become their new craze. Apparantly, everyone and everything approves of TR except for Gokudera and Lambo. Lots of pictures were drawn, and then continuously modified by the opposing sides. Even ham, Turtwig, and a whale somehow approve of TR. ^^; Everyone was against me, and there was really no way to win. Hibari and I even contacted Wolfy (Yamamoto) through e-mail and texting to tell her about it. Hibari was like, "Oh, he likes it. >:3" and I whined and complained about how I didn't. This one picture kept reoccurring in the chat that bore the text "Tonfa rape makes Gokudera DON'T FORGET!!" (which was originally written by me and said "Tonfa rape makes Gokudera muy triste."). So I was constantly reminded not to forget, but seriously, how could I possibly forget something like this? ^^; Hibari's picture managed to sneak into all of mine to make Gokudera even more unhappy. So basically, though we did do other things besides Pictochat, everything somehow came back to the subject of TR. -.-; So I told them that if I ended up having nightmares about it, I was not gonna be happy. And guess what? I did. XD Just my luck, huh? ^^;; Everything we talked about that night, from TR to Boppo the Hacksaw Clown, somehow made it's way into my dreams. Of course, Hibari corrected me and said the TR part wasn't a dream... >.>; Yeah...

Oh, so yeah, at our sleepovers, we stay up in the loft of our garage, which is like a whole 'nother room. ^^ Kemo always takes the bed, Croquet and I share the futon, and Bellamy sleeps on the floor. Croquet and I are both blanket hogs, so we sort of play-fought over them, and she won. ^^; So since she's Hibari, it's true that I was sharing my bed with a rapist and he stole all the blankets. That jerk... Heehee, just kidding. :3 Our sleepovers are always a blast, even when my character gets bashed. ^^; Sadly, we didn't get to spend the whole day yesterday together like we would've liked to cuz my bro and I had a driving lesson to go to. =P But maybe next time, we'll have more time. ^^ And I hope we'll get to do it again soon! X3 I love you guys! *hugs*

Gokudera does not approve of TR.


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