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Saturday, May 17, 2008

   Of Prom and Dacos
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Uwah, I know it's been a week since my last post, but I've been so busy that I haven't had time to do it. ^^; Anyway, prom was fantastic! We had so much fun~! Well, we all met at Jillie's house first so everyone could pose for pictures. =3 We were originally gonna go to the park and do it, but it was raining, so we did them in the house. Then we all piled into the vans and headed off to the dance. The place was really fancy and beautifully decorated. ^^ We had to wait a while before we could actually go into the dining hall/dance floor, but once we got settled, we could get right into the food! Yum. :3 Actually, they got mine and Josh's orders wrong, but that was OK, cuz it was delicious anyway. Though a lot of people got sick from it apparently... =P By the end of the night, my tummy wasn't at it's best, but at least I didn't get /really/ sick like some people did. Anyway, like at all dances, they played pretty crappy music for the most part, but they threw in a couple of techno songs in there, so my friends and I hit the dance floor! ^^ It was great! And yes, rubber chickens are excellent dancers! XD Lol. Everyone loved Sir Clucksalot. So after prom, our group headed back to Jillie's for a sleepover, which turned out to be heaps of fun as well. ^^ We played "Truth, Dare, or Dean" like we did at the Christmas party, and had a "truth circle" where someone would ask a question about anything (like, "what's your favorite song/artist/band?" or "what's the best place you've ever visited and where in the world do you want to go to the most?") and everyone would go around the circle and answer it. It was a bonding experience. ^^ Haha. We stayed up 'till like 5 AM, and then rather than having the boys and girls go to separate rooms like it was originally intended, we all just kinda crashed where we were sitting, like on the couch, the chairs, or the floor. ^^; And nobody really got much sleep. So of course, when we got home, we all took naps. XD But it was so much fun, and I hope we'll get to do another party like that again soon! ^^

So lately, play rehearsal has been taking up all my time, and I haven't had any free time at all between that and homework. T_T With the end of the year appraoching so soon (I graduate at the end of the month), I have heaps of stuff left to do. =P But I'm working as hard as I can with the time I have. So anyway, since we have a good hour to wait before rehearsal actually starts, my friends and I have taken the time to invent a delicious new food. ^^ It's called a Daco (that's hot dog + taco)! XD It's a taco shell with a hot dog in it and lots of chilli and cheese on top. X3 Yum~! We haven't actually made any yet, but we're hoping to soon. Today, I, along with my friends Renee and Burdi, spent the day talking about fighting bears! XDD A tribute to Ryohei. :3 Haha! We even decided to walk outside in the rain to go searching for a bear to box with, but sadly we found none. -.- So we walked up to the country store and bought a snack instead. XD We'll find a bear next time. *nodnod* Boxing with bears is all the rage nowadays... >.> Right? Lol. So during rehearsal, Renee (who's an /amazing/ artist) drew a pic of the three of us gettin' ready to fight a bear that doesn't quite seem to understand what's going on. XDD It was so great! We wanna get it put onto a T-shirt someday. ^^ Oh the fun we have... Hahaha! I can't wait to see them again on Monday! ^^ But for now, I'll just enjoy the weekend. Hooroo for now~! ^^

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