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Friday, May 9, 2008

   Prom Night
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Wow, I have something exciting to report on this time! As the title says, tonight is prom. When I was a kid, I never thought I'd be going to it (I did last year when my friends insisted, too), but since it's my last year of high school, I figured I might as well. ^^ Should be fun~! My bro and I are meeting at our friend Jillie's house with a bunch of our friends to take pics, and then we're all heading out together. ^^ And I must say, I have the coolest date /ever/: a rubber chicken by the name of Sir Clucksalot. XDDD Lol!! Seriously. I'm bringing a rubber chicken to prom. He even has a bow tie. :3 Heehee! My friend Demon and I were discussing it a while back, and I've decided to actually make it happen. ^-^d It's gonna be hilarious! (Oh, and I have to give her credit for naming him. Thanks, Demon~! *huggles*) So after prom, we're all going back to Jillie's for a sleepover. =D It's gonna be super~! I'll have to tell you about it when I get home on Saturday. ^^ So stay tuned for more news!
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