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Saturday, April 12, 2008

   Puck Will Make Amends
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Whew, it's finally Friday again! This week has been super busy, too. From now on, we're gonna be having play rehearsal nearly every day. =.= There's maybe two or three days this month where I won't have it. It's a lot of work, but we're making good progress. ^^ *nodnod* So that's been keeping me really busy lately, which is why I'm so glad it's the weekend. :3 And I don't have homework! w00t!

So today was a pretty awesome day in school. =] A Shakespeare company came and performed "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for us. It was wicked good! ^^ They made it really funny! I think a lot of people thought they weren't gonna enjoy it but ended up liking it. Yay! I love Shakespeare's plays~! It was the first time I'd seen this one, too. Puck=Love! X3 Teehee! It was super! -^^- Everyone did an awesome job!

Also, I'm getting really excited for ConnectiCon this year! ^^ It's not 'till the beginning of August, so I still have a while to wait, but I'm already getting pumped! X3 A bunch of my friends are going, so it should be heaps of fun~! -^^- We got a hotel room this year so we won't have to drive back and forth all the time. And my bro and I are really hoping we'll be able to bring our friend Screaming Sally with us cuz she's never been to a con before. But it depends on her very busy schedule... (We also have to take her to Salem cuz she hasn't been there either.) It would be so amazing if she could! X3 At least the con's far enough away that we'll have plenty of time to work on costumes. I can't leave it 'till the last minute again this year. ^^;; I really need to stop doing that! I'm so bad at planning ahead sometimes...I'm a procrastinator... -.-; But anyway, if Sally comes with us, she and I are gonna do a Reborn! cosplay. =D Bianchi's her fave, so I'm gonna be Gokudera. Which means I'll have to make pushies! X3 Reborn for her and Lambo for me~! Yay! Not to mention the Mr. Saturn one I'm gonna do for KittyMeowMeow since she's gonna be Ness. Man, I'm gonna have a lot of work cut out for me. I should really learn how to use my sewing machine. ^^; Lol.

Anyway, I'm really hoping I'll get to catch up on some sleep this weekend. =3 Weekends really need to be longer. *nodnod* Oh, but my spring break is coming up soon! ^^ I'm pretty sure it's the week after next...I hope I'll be able to start getting my cosplay together. ^^ I can't wait~! Yay for vacations! (But until then, yay for weekends!)

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