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Saturday, March 1, 2008

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ My, it's been too long since my last post. School's been keeping me super busy this week, which is never a good thing. =P That's why I'm so glad it's the weekend~! ^^ I don't have anything planned, as far as I know, but sometimes it's just nice to sit at home and relax. :3 I wish it was still vacation...That week went by way too fast. T_T *sigh* Oh well...I have lots of manga reading to do this weekend, so that will be nice. And I have to start drawing some more! We need to get together with Wolfy sometime soon so we can start working on our yaoi manga! XD Which reminds me, my friend Josh says he wants to be a character in it! Lol! I'll have to practice drawing him. :] Heehee!

Hmmm...Wow, not too much has happened lately that I really need to tell you about. I don't want to be boring! O.O; Oh no! ...Well...I've been working on my fanfic lately. =3 It's a Reborn! yaoi fic, and the pairing is one of my favorites: GokuderaxAdult!Lambo. There aren't nearly enough fans for them! T_T That's why I have to make my own stuff. ^^; I do mini comics and fanart, too. =D Maybe I'll show you guys sometime! ^^ And if I ever get my fic online, I'll let you read that, too! In other news...em...Crap, I know there was something else I was gonna say! >.< Ah, wait! I remember! ^^ My mom, brother and I went downtown for a little bit today and we stopped by Walmart, where we ran into two of our friends. I remember having a conversation with demon2010 one time about meeting people you know at Walmart because everybody goes there! ^^; Lol. I dunno, it just reminded me of that. And afterwards, we went to the grocery store, and there's this little cafe sort of part, so I ordered some pizza for dinner (it was super yummy~!), and my bro and I waited while our mom did the shopping. The guy at the table next to ours was really weird. O.O; He was sitting in front of the TV and eating chips, cheese, and bologna. Now even in a sandwich, just eating them out of the package. And he kept turning around like there was someone behind him but there wasn't, and when my bro and I would talk to each other, he'd sometimes turn and look at us as if he thought we were talking to him. It was strange...So we decided to name him Leroy. XD Haha, and he's probably gonna make a guest appearance in the yaoi Wolfy and I are making! He won't do anything. He'll just stand there and watch creepily. ^^; Yeah, it was...interesting...Anyway, that's pretty much it, and since it's past midnight as I write this, I think I'm gonna head to bed. I hope you all have a super Saturday! ^^ Bye-byesies for now~!

Lambo x Gokudera Lol, yeah, my bro came up with that. XD Though being 5-year-olds in that pic, I highly doubt Lambo's capable of "tapping that," so maybe in another 10 years. Well, that's what the 10-year bazooka is for...Right? ^^

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