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Thursday, February 14, 2008

   Crazy Mornin'
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ So yeah, we were supposed to go to school today, but...It didn't happen. ^^; Yesterday, we had a snow storm (well more like an ice storm) so we got the day off of school, and this morning, we had a 2-hour delay cuz the whole street was a sheet of ice. But the sanding truck hadn't come by, despite the fact that our neighbor called them at 7:30 this morning so we'd be able to get down the road. But our town can be stupid like that, and often forgets us. -.-; So my bro and I walked down the driveway where our neighbor and her daughter were supposed to come by and pick us up. The road was so bad--and mind you, we live on a steep hill--that we knew we weren't going to make it down the street, so she was gonna park at the top and we'd walk down and wait at the bottom for the bus. So the sanding truck actually drives by our street while we're waiting and the bus passes by without stopping. -.-;; Ugh...So we decided we'd wait for it to come back on it's usual route, until I remembered, they changed the bus route so that it goes in the opposite direction now and doesn't go past our street anymore. o.o; And of course, the school failed to tell the parents that. So the four of us make our way back to the car, but it gets stuck and we can't move. Mrs. B. had to walk back to use the phone and then she and our mom came back with salt and sand to try to get the car unstuck. And it eventually worked. ^^ So we all went back home and our mom said that she called the school and told 'em that my bro and I weren't coming in today. ^^; Well, that was my morning. Fun stuff, huh?

Well, at least we probably won't miss much in school today, since we would've had shortened classes anyway due to the delay. =] Ah~, it's nice to be home~! ^^ Just one more day tomorrow and then it's vacation time~!! *cheers* A whole week off of school~! Yosha! *does a happy dance* It's gonna be super~! :D I'm so excited~! Oh, how I love breaks~! :3 Heehee~! I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day/Singles Awareness Day! ^^ May the Speedo Love be with you! XD

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