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Saturday, February 9, 2008

   Just a Small Update
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Ah, another weekend finally arrives~! Huzzah! This week's been pretty busy for me, too, but I'm starting to adjust to my new classes. Yay! So this weekend also has a lot in store. Well, not today so much, but Sunday does. I just have heaps of English work to do cuz I gotta catch up. I am never taking an online AP course again. -.-; Ugh... But Sunday should be full of fun stuffs. =3 First, me mum and I are going to a Blessingway for our friend Jess, who's having a baby (she's due this month). I dunno if you guys know what a Blessingway is, but it's just like a lovely little ceremony where you bless the mom and baby and wish them the best in all aspects of life, and then you sort of have a little party where you pamper the mom and make her feel super special. ^^ We did one for her a couple years ago when she had her first child. It's really nice~! And second, after that, I'm going to my friend Tabby's "deathday party." XD Lol. OK, so it's her /birth/day, but since she's turning 20, she'll be "mourning the death of her teenage years," as she put it. Therefore, the theme of the party is a funeral! XD We all have to dress in funeral attire and stuff and it's gonna be gothic and awesome! X3 Heehee! It should be heaps of fun! I'm looking forward to it~!

Oh, also! Today is my friend Oreo Cookie's birthday, so let's all wish him the best on his special day~! ^^ Yay! *cheers and throws confetti* Have a super happy birthday~! *hugs* (Even though he won't read this cuz he doesn't have an account on here. It's the thought that counts, right?) ^^ Heehee! Mmkay, I guess that's it for now, so hooroo everyone~! Have a great weekend!

L's Birthday

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