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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   Hello, All~!
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ My, it's been a busy week, what with the start of a new semester and all. Ugh, these new classes... -.- I hate 'em!! I wanna go back to my old ones!! T_T They're no fun and they're gonna be more work! It's not fair! >.< *throws a tantrum* Lol. But really, I don't like them. =P *sigh* At least it's the last semester, and as a senior, I get to get out of school a month early. ^^ I'm super excited about that~! I'll have so much free time! Heehee~! I've decided that I'm gonna use that time to make the fanfic I'm writing into a doujinshi. ^^ I hope it'll turn out the way I'm picturing it to! Lol. It'll probably end up being a pretty big project, though. But that's OK. ^^ I'm looking forward to it! Should be fun~! *nodnod*

And I come bearing even more good news! (To counteract the crappiness that is my new classes! XD) For one thing, I'm not sick anymore~! ^^ Yay! Hooray! *cheers and throws confetti* Heeheehee~! OK, so I'm still a tiny bit snuffly, but for the most part, I'm all better. And second, Friday we had a major ice storm so they cancelled school! ^^ Which must've been great for Ketchup Alchemist cuz it was his birthday! *throws even more confetti* So Happy birthday, scumbag. Happy birthday to you, man. XD Lol. (Inside joke! I'm not being mean! Or am I... >.>) But yeah, happy birthday, my dear nakama~! ^^ We'll have to party once the weather clears up! I hope you got lots of super pressies~! I'll even make you a cake, if you'd like~! What kind?? =3 Heehee~!

Em...Darn, I could've sworn I had something else to say... >.< This is what happens when you don't post all week. You forget. ^^; Oh well. Maybe next time. =] But I think I got the most important stuff down, anyway. Most of all, happy birthday, Kemo~! Three cheers for the Dictator for Life~! XD Yosha! Yosha! Yosha!!

Fullmetal Alchemist - Happy Birthday

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