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Sunday, January 20, 2008

True Lurve

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ This weekend rocks!! XD (Like Tilestone! Lol, inside joke. Sort of.) Heehee~! So Friday night was the night that my super awesome nakama from the trip to Australia slept over my house! :D I love those guys sooooo very much!! X3 I haven't seen them since our last sleepover in August, so it was good to finally see them all again. *nodnod* We're gonna try to plan for a sleepover or a party at a different person's house once a month so we'll get to see each other more often. Yup, we're clever like that. ^^

Mmkay, so they started arriving around 6:00 PM, and our greetings involved a lot of squeals and huggles~! -^^- Heehee! We all settled in a bit, caught up with what was going on, and ate food! X3 Yummy pizza and "acid fruit". XD Lol! Well Kitty brought a fruit platter, and it all tasted really sour, so we said it was like acid! But that didn't stop us from eating it. Lol. And I made a speedo cake! XD Yup, yup! (It was just a vanilla cake with a speedo drawn on it in icing. Next time, I'm gonna try to make the cake itself speedo-shaped. Haha!) Then we had to make our way up to the loft of the garage cuz it's like another living space up there, and it was able to fit all of us and our heaps of stuff. Professor Hogan and Croquet couldn't sleep over, but they both got to stay for a while. =] Cassie brought her XBox 360, and we ended up watching her play Portal. Oh my gosh, that game is crazy! O.O It's so confusing! >.< But we all adore the Weighted Companion Cube~! :3 Lol. Now we understand why that clone fell in love with it. It's such an amazing cube~! ^^ Heehee~! We also watched this really funky French movie..em...The City of Lost Children? I think that's what it was called. ^^; And of course we laughed our asses off at just about everything cuz everything we do is just so much fun! XD I love those guys~! There's no way you can't have fun with them! ^^ *huggles* It was so super! Now I can't wait for the next time! ^^

Oh, and Wolfy and I did a yaoi swap! XD I let her borrow some of the stuff I have, and she gave me the four volumes of Yellow. It's looks amazing, and I've only just started reading it. ^^ You can never have too much yaoi. Never. It's a fact of life. :3 We wanna plan for a yaoi party someday with a specially-made cake and everything. =D I can't wait for that party, too!

And to top off the good news, it's a three-day weekend~! ^^ It doesn't get much better than this~! I hope you all have a super day! Hooroo for now, mates! =3


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