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Monday, January 14, 2008

   I Love Sweeney Todd
sweeney todd sweeney todd sweeney todd sweeney todd

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Oh my gosh, yesterday was like the bestest day ever! X3 I know I mentioned what we had planned in my last post, but now I can elaborate. *nodnod* Screamin' Sally got to my house at 12:30 that afternoon, and from there we went to the theater to see Sweeney Tood. It was the 2nd time my bro and I had seen it, but the 1st time for her. We got there early this time, so Sal had time to get some of her beloved Reese's Pieces. XD Lol. And my bro and I actually got to see the bits of the beginning that we missed the first time. We all really enjoyed it, and had a great laugh! :D Well some parts are supposed to be funny... >.> Heh, heh... I love that movie so much~! :3

Anyway, after it was over, my parents met us at the theater so we could follow them to the restaurant. It was a good thing they did, or we may have gotten lost. ^^; Haha... So we all got to have super yummy sushi and noodles and all sorts of things that made our tummies smile~! -^^- We shared everything we had with one another, and the restaurant always gives us an extra free dish and desert. ^^ I love fried icey-cream so much~! X3 It was mango flavored this time (Sal's favorite)! Heehee~! So good~! ^^

After that, we went over to Barnes & Noble to check out the manga, but they didn't really have a lot of new stuff. And no new Reborn! T_T But I did get the newest volume of GetBackers. =3 And while we were there, so were the Bad Poets! XD And they were just /awful/!! I mean, really truly horrendous! There was this new lady there, and her poetry was attrocious! The meter was all wrong and she couldn't read it right and ugh...it was just plain bad. XP But that's why it was so funny! XD Lol! So we stayed for that, and then Sal and I went down to the music section. She got two new CDs, and I debated on whether or not to get the Sweeney Todd soundtrack, but I decided to Inter-Library Loan it instead and then just burn a copy of it. Save myself some money, I guess. :3 Heehee. But by then it was sorta late, so we headed home.

Sal stayed in for a bit and I gave her one of my Ramune sodas (cuz the restaurant was all out of them). Good thing I bought a few last time we were there. =] We let her borrow the Broadway version of Sweeney Todd that we have on DVD cuz she hasn't seen that one either, and she says that instead of doing her homework, she's just gonna watch that! XD Lol. I hope she'll enjoy it~! It's pretty much the same as the movie script-wise, so I'm sure she will. ^^ Ah, yes, that was my wonderful Sunday~!

It's just past midnight as I'm posting this, but that's OK cuz school's been cancelled! XD w00t! *throws confetti and does a happy dance* We're supposed to be getting a huge snowstorm, so the school sent out a message that said they were cancelling ahead of time. X3 I feel so lucky~! Heehee~! What a perfect way to start the week~! ^^ Yosha!

P.S. My sis Sayoko and I have made Sweeney an official part of our semi-hermit family. :3 Of course, we'll have to knock down some walls so he'll be able to have his own corner, but that's all part of the fun! XD Lol, don't ask...


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