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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Well today's the day! It's my Otaku sister Sayoko's birthday~! *cheers and throws confetti* Happy birthday, sis! -^^- *ultra mega glomp* Wheee~! We gotta celebrate today! With icey-cream cake, though, cuz she doesn't like regular cake! XD Lol. My sis and I have had many...interesting adventures together. ^^; I've known her since I first came to the Otaku, but we only really became sisters until a few months ago. Since then, we've done some pretty crazy stuff! XD It started off simply when we agreed that neither of us wanted to learn how to drive, so we decided to become hermits and live in the corner of her room (we'd send out a servant to get stuff for us). And we soon discovered that we were both "circles" (cuz everyone knows that circles are better than squares!), and our adventures only escalated from there! ^^ Our hermit home kept growing and we kept getting more pets! =D Talk ranged from everything from cardboard boxes, giant hamster bally things, rampaging turtles, inflatable penguins, an enormous colossus, bacon pudding, holy socks, pink lemonade, evil squirrels, riding Dino like a pony, a closet full of puppies, a cloning machine, and a goat. Yup. You can tell we have fun. ^^ *nodnod* And who could forget the day she got married to her beloved Byakuya? =3 After an epic journey to rescue him (in which Renji lost his eyes and Shinji discovered squirrel bacon), we brought him home for the wedding. And now they're living happily ever after with their 3 children (which I helped pick names for). =D Heehee~! Man, life sure would be boring without you, sis! *huggles* I'm so grateful to have you in my life~! -^^- So I want to wish you the very bestest on your special day! I hope you enjoy your pressies, and may all your wishes come true~! Happy birthday, Sayoko! ^^ I love ya, sis!

Happy Birthday, Sayoko~!

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