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Saturday, December 22, 2007

   Of Vacation and Spandamness...
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HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ I know everyone must be excited cuz it's finally time for winter break! w00t w00t! XD *does a happy dance and throws confetti* Heehee~! Ah, vacations are shweet~! :3 And my sis Sayoko's birthday is coming up soon (on the 26th). So we'll have to celebrate all day! ^^ *hugs Sayoko* Yay!

Well yesterday, we had shortened classes cuz of the assembly/pep rally thingy we had that afternoon (no homework!!! X3). But I can't stand those things! >.< They're so loud and annoying and they give me headaches. XP So my mom let my bro and me take a half-day and come home early. :3 I luvvles me mum. Our classes didn't involve much either; they just gave us lots of food. XD Mostly cookies and cupcakes and candy and stuff. Yum! I felt like L, eatin' all those sweets... ^^; Heehee! So yeah, it was nice to come home. I played Animal Crossing on my DS and took a well-deserved nap (I haven't gotten much sleep this week, so I really needed it). But I got up in time to get ready for a party we were goin' to. =] It wasn't really a Christmas party, it was a Solstice one cuz we celebrate Yule. ^^ We do Chrissie, too, though. Yeah, so I got to see some of my friends who I hadn't seen in a long time, so it was fun. ^^ But unfortunately, my cluminess struck again. *sigh* I've been pretty good lately; no major accidents or anything. But tonight just wasn't my night. -.-; Lol. Mmkay, so I was helping myself to all the yummy food (I tend to eat a lot at parties), and I accidentally knocked over someone's cup. I didn't realize it right away, and that cup must've been full to the brim, and it spilled all over the floor! DX There was punch EVERYWHERE! I dripped off the table and onto a chair and it splattered over the floor in massive puddles, and some got into my boot and all over Lisa's coat and cuz the coat was made of wool and the sleeve cuff was rolled up, it collected into a puddle in there, and it was just an awful mess. >.< It was so bad! T_T I had to mop it up with napkins and a dish towel (thankfully Bree helped me *huggles*), and as soon as I thought I was done, I'd see another lil' puddle of punch somewhere. -.-; Luckily, there weren't many people in the dining room at the time, so no one really noticed. >.> I don't think... Lol. ^^; They call me "Spandam" for a reason. I'm just lucky I didn't slip and fall or anything cuz that would've been even worse! And now KittyMeowMeow's gonna laugh at me. ^^; Lol, but you can, I'm gettin' used to it! XD It just makes your day to hear about these things, doesn't it? Lol!

Right, so that was my Friday. I hope you guys had days that were a little less...messy. Haha. So today, I'm super excited cuz we're going to see Sweeney Todd! X333 *squeals* I can't wait!! I already said that this is my most favorite muscial EVER, and to see it directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp~... *dreamy sigh* It's gonna be incredible! :] You guys should check out the original stage version sometime, the one with Angela Lansbury and George Hearn cuz they rock. ^^ After the movie, my dad's taking us out to dinner (for meat pies! XD Lol! Just kidding. I really do love meat pies, though, but I can't say I've tried Mrs. Lovett's...). I dunno if we're doing anything else after that or not... =O We'll see. =] This weekend's gonna be great! ^^ I hope you all have a super fantabulous Saturday~!

the spandam dance
Spandam Dance! XD

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