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Sunday, December 16, 2007

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Ah, weekends are good~! We definitely need more of them. *nods* And this time, I'm not swamped by college work! *cheers* Ugh, all those applications and the essay and stuff... It's too much paperwork! XP But it's almost all done, so a sigh of relief is in order. *sighs* That's better. ^^

So yesterday, my bro and I went to our friend Jillie's house for a party. It was an early Christmas party, so we did one of those Secret Santa things. ^^ I got BACON! XD Lol! (Well, that's what I asked for! Bacon, pirate stuff, and yaoi were on my list. =D Heehee!) Yup, it was all cooked and everything, so I just snacked on it, and it was delicious~! ^^ It made my tummy smile~! Heehee~! Thanks so much, Burdi~! ^^ So first, we went outside and went sledding, but it was so cold, we didn't really stay out that long. ^^; We warmed up with some hot chocolate and watched a video Dean brought over called "AMV Hell", and it was so funny! XD We just laughed our butts off! After that, the food arrived (super yummy pizza!), and after we talked for a while and digested, we played DDR. ^^ I'm just at the beginner-turning-light-mode level, but I still think it's heaps of fun~! But I'd never done this version before, so I didn't know any of the songs! ^^; But oh well. (I'm hoping to get the one they made for Wii soon!) It was still fun. ^^ We played for a while, and then everyone decided to play "Truth, Dare, or Dean". XD (Don't worry, it was nothing naughty! ^^;) I just sat and ate my bacon. We had to leave before I got a turn, but that was fine by me. Lol. I kinda wish we had gotten to stay longer, though... I hope she has another party again soon! ^^

Em... I guess that's it for now. We're supposed to get a snow storm today, so I kinda hope we won't have school Monday. That would be soooo nice~! -^^- We can only hope... *crosses fingers* Haha! I hope you guys all have a super Sunday~! ^^ Bye-byesies for now~! *waves*

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