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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oh Gosh! It's Time to Update! O.O
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Finally, a chance to post! This week's been pretty busy, even though I only had 4 days of school. But we've got Thanksgiving break next week! =D w00t w00t! I'm excited! XD

So anyway, I've just turned my little sister ByakuyaLover354 into a major Shinji fan! X3 *looks proud* I feel so accomplished! Lol. We need more Shinji fans out there! He deserves the love~! ^^ *nodnod* He's super amazerifically awesome! Haha, and he likes bacon, too. Likes it a lot. O.O; Don't ask why; even I'm not sure. ^^; My friend Oreo Cookie made that up for some strange reason, and it was just one of those "WTF?" moments. Yeah, we think up some pretty weird stuff in school... And outside of school, too. =D You should see some of the crazy stuff my sis and I come up with! XD It's so much fun! I love ya, sis! *hugs* So yeah, Shinji rocks. :D

Em... Let's see here... I coulda sworn I had more stuff to say! DX See what happens when you don't post sooner? You forget these things... -.-; *sigh* At least I do. Oh, well... Anyway, we got our report cards today. I did really well on mine! ^^ (Yay!) Nothing below a 96. Yosh! We'll have to celebrate with some pink lemonade, once we clone the Holy Socks of Ishida. *laughs* Nevermind. ^^;

I'm just glad it's Saturday. =] I have to get some blood work done this morning (yipee), but then my mom's taking my bro and me out for breakfast. I hate getting up early, especially on a weekend, but it'll be worth it. ^^ We're gonna go to this new pastry shop, too, and I LOVE pastries! *drools at the thought* (I feel like L! Mmm~, sweets~! XD) I'm super excited about that! We might be going to see Beowulf later, too. Either today or tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure. I hope it'll be good. =] I hope you guys all enjoy your weekend as well! ^^ Have a great Saturday!

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