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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Guess what today is~? Well I suppose you don't really have to guess cuz the title says it all. ^^; Heehee~! Yup, yup, today's my 18th birthday! Whoo~! *cheers and throws confetti* Haha! I wasn't really that excited about it before, but now I kinda am. =D But it seems like it got here too quickly... O.o I'm not ready to get older yet! T_T Ahh...Anyway, I didn't really ask for much this year cuz..well, there isn't much stuff I want. But my mom made me a trifle, which is one of my most favoritest desserts ever!! ^^ Yosha~! I can't wait to eat it~! *does a happy dance* Heehee~! -^^- Y'know, I guess being 18 won't be so bad. There are plenty of advantages to it. =] Lol. It's gonna take me a while to get used to saying, "I'm 18," though. It always takes me a while to remember my age, and when a birthday rolls around, I have to memorize a whole new number! DX And just when I was getting used to the old one... -.-; Haha...Oh well. Can't be helped. *shrugs* XD I hope I won't get a lot of homework today. I'd like to /enjoy/ my birthday and not have to do any work. XP Darn school. I wish I could have the day off! XD But sadly, it can't be so... T_T *sigh* But either way, I'd might as well enjoy the day~! =D I have the feeling it'll be a really good day today~! ^^ (I hope I'm right!) The thing I'm really hoping for the most is a chance to talk to my lil' sis Franky-kun (Zenon1293 on here. We converse through PMs). We used to be able to talk every day without fail, but now that school's been keeping us (especially her) so busy, we only get to talk maybe once or twice a week. ;_; We're both really sad about that...So I'm hoping that today we'll be lucky and get a chance to see each other again. ^^ That would be the bestest birthday present! I love you, sis! ^^ *huggles* Wish us luck~! Heehee! Em..I suppose that's all I have to say for now, and besides, I should be getting to bed. ^^; It's a school night after all... Well, bye-byesies for now, you guys~! I hope you all have super good days, too! ^^ Happy birthday to me~! Haha!

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