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Saturday, October 20, 2007

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Wow, it's been 10 days since my last post. ^^; Whoops... I would've liked to have updated sooner, but this week's been incredibly busy. Every day, we've had something to do, but some of it was fun, so that's OK~! ^^ Last night was the Halloween dance at school, and that was pretty fun, I guess. They played crappy music, like they always do at dances, and didn't play any of the songs my friends and I requested. XP Meanies. I kept writing on the list "Play more techno", but he never did. T_T *sigh* Oh well... At least I got to hang out with some of my friends. ^^ They were the only ones who knew who I was dressed up as. ^^; (Not enough people read Reborn!) I was Longchamp Naito, the 8th generation leader of the Tomaso Famiglia~! XD Lol! And that's how I introduced myself, and people were like, "What...?? O.o" But they still liked my outfit. =D I'll have to post pictures sometime~! I haven't uploaded them yet... Trick-or-treating will be even better cuz KittyMeowMeow is gonna be Hibari so we're gonna have a /lot/ of fun with that! (Longchamp and Hibari are the ultimate crack pairing! XD Lol! I'm even writing a fanfic about them. Heehee!) So I'm really looking forward to that. ^^ Well, my sis Sayoko is off on her trip to Japan and Korea, and we were both really sad that we wouldn't be able to talk to one another, but it turns out she has internet access there! =D Yosha! *does a happy dance* Now we can still talk! ^^ Sure we won't be on at the same time, but we're just glad we won't have to be alone for the next 9 days. I luvvles my sis~! -^^- *huggles for Sayoko* Heehee~! Hmm...What else...? Oh! My birthday's in 3 days. O.O; Man, it's so soon... I can't really think of anything I want this year. ^^; But that's OK! Well, there is this ShinjixIchigo doujin on eBay I want... But it's pretty expensive and I don't think my parents would let me get it... -.-; But I suppose I could get it myself. I will be 18, after all... We'll see. And speaking of Shinji, my friend Momo-Hime and I have started a Shinji fan club! ^^ Yay for Shinji~!! X3 Heehee! He's so awesome~! We both feel that there aren't enough people out there who like him, so we must gather all the Shinji fans together! Haha! XD I hope at least of few of you out there will join... >.> Here's the banner she made cuz she's super awesome like that! *nods*
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Well, I'm just glad it's finally the weekend~! ^^ Maybe now I can relax and perhaps catch up on some sleep. That would be nice~... Heehee! I hope you guys all enjoy your weekends, too! Have a super day~! ^^
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