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Sunday, October 7, 2007

   Reasons to Cheer!
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Yup, yup! Good stuff, you guys! Good stuff~! *nodnod* First off, I'd like to wish my friend Raven a very happy birthday! Yay! Hooray! *cheers and throws confetti* I hope she'll get lots of super pressies~! And a yummy cake, too~! Heehee! Have a super duper good day today, Raven-chan! *hugs* Second, I'm done with SATs! ^^ Yosha~! It was so good to get them over with. *sigh of relief* When I got home that afternoon, I kept dozing off, though. ^^; Well I had to get up really early to get there so I was sleepy... Heh, heh... But that evening, we went to Barnes & Noble and got Reborn! volume 5 and GetBackers volume 20. I just finished reading Reborn! before I came on here (and I was waiting for my bro to finish using the computer), and let me tell ya, it was hilarious! XD This one was so great! It was past midnight at the time (it's 1:54 AM as I write this sentence), so my parents are asleep and I'm in my room reading it and trying not to laugh too loudly. ^^; Oh, that crazy Ryohei... Wanting to fight bears and tigers at the zoo... *shakes head* And speaking of zoos, you all know that there's no such thing as zookeepers, right? Yeah, they don't exist, according to my brother. He's never seen one, and many of our friends have never seen them either, and he says that if you have, it must be because you're crazy (no offense to anybody...). ^^; So he doesn't believe in them. Em..Yeah... Anyway, back to the subject of Reborn! The next volume's due out in January, I think, and I'm really looking forward to it! It's got *shudders* Longchamp in it. -.- He needs some serious mental help... But he's sort of amusing...In a really annoying way... But I'm still excited for it! =D 'K, and now for my last (but certainly not least!) announcement. As I mentioned in my last post, today is the first official Lambo Appreciation Day! XD Whoohoo~! *cheers and throws more confetti while doing a happy dance* This is gonna be awesome~!! My sis Sayoko and I are gonna be celebrating today, and if anyone wants to join in, feel free! You don't even really have to be familiar with Reborn! to know that Lambo is awesome! And goooorgeous~!! ^///^ *drools* Teehee! So everybody enjoy our newly invented holiday, and be sure to let Lambo know just how much you appreciate him. ^^ Give him candy and grapes! That'll make him happy! He doesn't get nearly enough attention... *huggles Lambo* We love you, Lambo-kun! Happy Lambo Appreciation Day! =D

This is the banner my awesome sister made! (^-^)d You're the bestest, sis~! *hugs*
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