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Saturday, September 29, 2007

   Party Time!
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Sorry I haven't posted in so long! ^^; Darn school and all... XP And nothing too interesting has happened... Well, this weekend's gonna be pretty busy; my bro and I have two birthday parties to go to. I'm not really a party person, but it should still be fun. (I go for the food. XD Lol! Just kidding! Sort of... *shifty eyes*) Today is Skippy's party, and it's probably gonna be pretty crazy! She's gonna have a huge water balloon fight, and some of the balloons have chocolate syrup in them! XD That'll be...Interesting.. Lol. And Sunday, we're going to Mai's party, and we haven't seen her in a really long time! In fact, I think the last time we saw her may have been at her birthday party last year! O.O; Wow... Well she goes to a different school and works two jobs, so she's really busy... We do talk on the phone, though. But my bro still has the balloon he got from last year's party, and she wants him to bring it so she can see it! He named it Babo, and it looks awful! XD Lol! But it's lasted a whole year! We'll probably hold onto Babo until there's nothing left of him! Haha! Oh, the fun we have...Heh... Mai's been a good friend of ours since elementary school, so it'll be great to catch up with her. ^^ Em...I don't think I have anything else to say, except watch out for laser spiders and hungry picnic baskets! >.> <.< Lol! If I get the chance to post tomorrow, I can tell you how the parties went! ^^ I hope you all have a super weekend~! Bye-byesies for now! -^^-
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