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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

   Hermits and Turtles and Circles, Oh My!
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Man, I had such fun the other night! XD My new Otaku sis and I were talking about some pretty crazy stuff! It started off with something about driving, and how neither of us want to do it, so she decided to become a hermit in the corner of her bedroom, and have someone go out and get stuff for her, and I was like, "Hey, yeah! That's a good idea! I wanna be a hermit in your room, too! Let's be hermits together~!" Though, that sort of defeats the purpose of being a hermit, so we're only semi-hermits. *nods* And then there was something about riding turtles, so I mentioned Dino's turtle Enzio, and then she mentioned goats, and it just kept escalating from there! XD Heehee! There's also an army of guinea pigs, circles being the best shape ever, a cardboard box, a hamster bally thingy, blowing up penguins with a bicycle pump, and putting a saddle on Dino and riding him like a horsey. (Well, he's called "Bronco Dino", after all...) Weird? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Incredibly fun? You bet!! XD Lol! We have such fun~! ^^ I'm really looking forward to talking to her again later! I love ya, sis! X3 *hugs* (And lucky for me, school gets out 2 hours early today~! Whoo~! *does a happy dance*) I'll be looking forward to this afternoon~! Yup, yup! ^^ I have the feeling today's gonna be a really good day~! I hope it is for all of you guys, too! Hooroo for now!

P.S. Will you visit my sis? *puppy dog eyes* Pwease~? Heehee! I dunno how to do links, so here's her name: ByakuyaLover354

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