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Thursday, September 6, 2007

HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ So yup, as you all know cuz I've been complaining about it, today was my first day of school. It wasn't too bad, I guess, but I still wish it was summer... T_T We now have 5 classes instead of 4 like we did last year. XP At least mine's not too acedemic, so hopefully, I won't get a lot of homework. ^^ And I only have one text book to lug around this semester~! Yay! Hooray! My back could use a break! ^^; Here's how my schedule stands this semester:

Block 1 ~ Graphic Arts Tech (but there weren't enough computers for everyone! XD Lol! My friend Hat is there with me, as is my friend Jillie's younger sister. ^^)
Block 2 ~ Health (with Hat, Fred, Buttons, and Jillie. ^^ Yay! Lots of friends~! Heehee!)
Block 3 ~ Community Service (I'm in the Technology Department, so I'll get to learn to work with the computers and stuff.)
Advisory and Lunch ~ Advisory is this pointless waste of time, but at least Brandon's there to keep me amused, and I get to see all my friends at lunch. We had burnt pizza today. Yum. *rolls eyes*
Block 4 ~ AP English (I get to take this course online, so I'm in the library, and Domingo's there too for his online course.)
Block 5 ~ Asian History (no friends in there, sadly, but it should be an interesting subject.)

I'm really hoping this year will be a good one! It had better be cuz it's my last one! XD Yay! But then it's on to college... O.O Lol. I hope those of you who also started school today had good days. Well, as good as school can possibly be... -.-; I wish you all the best of luck for this year~! ^^ Hooroo for now~!

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