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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Squalo!! Watch Out for that Hungry Picnic Basket!! O.O
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ Um...Just ignore the title.. ^^; Lol. It's something my bro said, and it's not really supposed to make sense... Anyway, today is officially my last day of summer. T_T Definitely not a good thing. *sigh* I wish summer wouldn't end...I don't wanna go back! >.< Stupid school!! *kicks school* There's so much I still wanna do... *sniffle* I d-don't wanna go... TT_TT *sob* Per...sev..ere... *sniff* Uuwwwaaaaahhhhhh!!! *pulls out 10-year bazooka and shoots self* ~BOOM!~ *27-year-old self appears in a puff of smoke* Jeez...It must be time for school again... -.-; Well, I'll finish this post, then. I'm hoping that my younger self will be able to do something fun this last day. She wanted to yesterday, but everyone was busy, unfortunately. It was just one of those sit-around-and-do-nothing days. I wish summer was longer. My mom used to have 3 months of summer when she was a kid, rather than the 2 we have! -.- Lucky... At least this is my last year there. And seniors get to get out of school early at the end of the year, so maybe it won't be so bad. We can only hope! ^^; Heh... *checks watch* Well, that's my five minutes up. See you in the future~! ^^ *puff of smoke and 10-years-younger self returns* Wwwaaaahhhhh!! Oh! O.O; I'm back~! ^^ Oh no, wait...That's not a good thing cuz I still have to go to school! T_T *sigh* Oh well...I guess it can't be avoided...I'll just have to enjoy this day to its fullest~! ^^ I hope the rest of you will, too, cuz I know a lot of you start school tomorrow as well. I found that a lot of people were looking forward to going back...Weird... O.o I didn't get to do much yesterday, 'cept draw a few chalk pictures and watch episode 3 of Katekyo Hitman REBORN! That's the one where Lambo makes his first appearance, and I've been looking forward to seeing that one for a while. ^^ His "adult" self showed up twice and 4 times, they showed close-up shots of his crotch! O.O; Lol. It was kinda funny, though! XD Heehee! Do you guys watch/read REBORN? Cuz that's where the 10-year bazooka comes from... (It makes you switch places with yourself from 10 years in the future.) Lambo and Gokudera are my favorites~! -^^- And I think they should totally get together! They'd be such a cute couple~! I've thought so right from the first volume I read! ^^ But nobody else seems to think of that pairing...Seems like I'm the only one... -.- It's too bad cuz I'd love some fanart or something... That's why I'm drawing my own! ^^ *triumphant pose* And I'm writing a fanfic, too~! Maybe I'll post it for you guys sometime, but only if enough people are familiar with the series...Otherwise, you won't know what I'm talking about! ^^; Em....Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll post again tomorrow if I get the chance and I'll tell ya how my first day went. I hope it'll be good! *crosses fingers* Good luck to those of you who start school tomorrow, too! ^^

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