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Sunday, August 26, 2007

   Yay for Weekends!
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ How is everybody today? Well, it's past midnight where I am...So I figured I'd post! XD We were gonna go to Salem yesterday, but the weather kinda put a stop to that... ^^; It was about 95 degrees out and terribly humid. XP So we had to change our plans cuz none of us really wanted to walk around a city in that heat! So instead, we went to the wonderfully air-conditioned movie theater~! ^^ We saw Harry Potter again, and then went out to lunch at this awesome Japanese restaurant! The food was soooo good~! It made my tummy smile~! -^^- Heehee! We did a little bit of shopping after that and just tried to stay cool. ^^d So our trip will have to wait another weekend...But that's OK! Oooo! And also, we went to Circuit City cuz our dad seemed to be in a spending mood, so he bought Pokemon Battle Revolution for my brother, and a DS Lite for me! ^^ For no reason at all! I was gonna ask for one for my birthday, but I guess I got it early! Yay! Heehee! Ah, so like I said earlier this week, we went to see Stardust with KittyMeowMeow and KetchupAlchemist, and it was really good! I'd definitely recommend it. *nodnod* (It had everything: romance, comedy, fantasy, and gay sky pirates! XD Lol!) Afterwards, we all went out to dinner at Applebee's, which my bro and I had never been to before, but it was actually quite good. Then they came back to our house, and we ended up having a sleepover! ^^ It was so much fun!! That was one of the bestest sleepovers ever!! We didn't get to bed 'till around 4:00, maybe 4:30, but we were having so much fun, we didn't care! And KittyMeowMeow brought her laptop (which has a built-in webcam) and we made this awesome/crazy fast-motion movie! XD It was hilarious fun~! The next morning, our mom took us all out to breakfast, and we all hung out 'till around 5 that evening. (Or was it 6? ^^; I don't remember exactly...) It was so great! ^^ I hope we can do it again before summer's end! Have a super weekend everybody~! ^^

P.S. Ah, I can't forget to mention this~! Today is the first official Super Lucky Elephant Day, to celebrate all you super lucky elephants out there~! XD Lol! My friend Zenon1293 (Franky-kyun~) and I made that up, though we owe full credit to my nakama Screamin' Sal for showing me the super lucky elephant in the first place (it's the name of a brand of rice that's really yummy!). ^^ So everybody celebrate your good luck today!

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