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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

   Early Morning...
HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!! ^^ I don't have much to say today, I guess. It's almost 1:00 AM...But I'm always up this late or later, so it's no big deal. The weather 'round here has been pretty humid lately. I don't mind the heat; it's the humidity I can't stand! XP It makes ya feel so icky! >.< Bleh...It's supposed to get better by Thursday, I think. That'll be good. I'm /really/ looking forward to this weekend! I'm going to my first anime convention!! ^^ Whoo~!! *dances around happily and throws confetti* I'm super excited about it! It's gonna be great! I can't wait~! ^^ Heehee! I'll be sure to tell you guys all about it, and maybe post some pictures if I can. Oh, and I should have posted this video in my last post, but I didn't see it 'till afterwards. Though I guess I could've just modified my post... *shrugs* Oh well. ^^ It's kinda weird, but my friend told me to watch it... I was kinda like, "Lol!...WTF? O.o"

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