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Monday, November 5, 2007

   ;D Oh Snap! 2 Days Straight!
xD OMG Im On AGAIN! >_> Isnt That Surprising?!

Anyways =D Thankyou All For Commenting O_O I Missed A Lot Of You Guys ;~; And I Hope I Didnt Lose Any. >_> Even So,I Can Always Make New Ones.But ANYWAYS


My Halloween Was Pretty Cool,I Trick Or Treated..xDD 16 And Trick Or Treating XDDD ISNT THAT FUNNY!?Well Who Cares >/ You Cant Be Too Old To Trick Or Treat!

I Got A Ton Of Candy.But This Girl..oh god..i swear i was ready to sock her in the face! I Knew Her Personality And Mine WOULD NOT Mix. >_> I Tried To Avoid COnflict,I DID But I Was Ready To Pound The Bitch..



How Are All My Otaku Buddies :3 You Guys Have A Good Halloween? Oh And Ill Be Replying On Comments Now >_> So If You Ask Me A Question There,Ill Reply Now.Sorry About Not Doing That Before D:

Alright Im Out 83

Buh Bye~

Feel Free To PM Me =D I Miss Those!!

Oh And...



XDDD HA!! Im Back To My Old Habits! That Pic Made Me Crack Up So Bad!

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