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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

   I Was In The Hospital Monday
Yea I Ended Up In The Hospital On Monday Evening.

I Havent Been Feeling Well Since Like 2 Weeks.Small Cold And Its Been So Cold And I've Been Having Stomach Problems.


Then On Monday I Got Off Early Cause I SOOOO Didnt Feel Good And I Threw Up Earlier.So I Was Going To The Kitchen To Take Some Tylenol Cause My Head Hurt And I Was Getting Some Water (on the fridge door) And I Was Talking To My Mom,Then I Suddenly Stopped Replying And Felt EXTREMELY Light-Headed.Then My Vision Was Blurry And I Could Hear My Mom Yelling At Me Asking Me What Was Wrong And To Speak To Her.Then I Passed Out And I Woke Up To The Smell Of Alcohal My Sister Was Putting Under My Nose.I Said I Was Fine I Just Needed To Sleep ^^; I Got Yelled At Being Told That To For Once Thing About Myself Because I Said Sorry About This Stupid Thing That Happened And That How Much Was The Cost For All The Ambulance Stuff.My Sister Had Called 911 When I Was In My Mom's Arms Right When I Passed oUt.And They Arrived And Tested My Blood Pressure That Was Low.So I Was Taken In An Ambulance To The Hospital Where They Said My Heart Rate Was Too High And My Blood Pressure Was Low.


They Said I Was Dehydrated And That I Needed Some Liquids In My System Such As Water,Juice,Gatorade,etc.But Im Ok Now So.

Everyone At Home Is Taking Care Of Me Now.Im So Grateful I Didnt Pass Out In My Room Alone...Or Else....I Could Of...................Died In My Sleep.


^^; Sorry For Taking So Long On Requests.I've Been Trying So Hard In School For Finals And Such And I Just Took Some Today.I Have Some Tomorrow And Friday And My Weekend Is Free So Ill Work On Them Then Kay.<^__^; Im Truly Sorry Gothameyes..You've Been So Patient With Me I Hope You Can Forgive Me For Taking So Long On That Contest Winning Request From A LOOOONG Time Ago.Forgive Me.

^_^; I g2g Now I Need To Rest Kay.

♥Always And Forever,
♥Fire Apparition♥

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