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Monday, September 5, 2005

   First day
OMG! I finally got through the first day of my school once again, it turned out were having a carnival tonigh! WOOT! I cant wait! Some good actualy came out of this whole thing! XD Now i have to get ready for it! I'll be back later to tell you guys what happens. BYE! ^_^


In the living room

Kai: Hey fiona! Wanna come to the carnival with me tonight?

Me: um...su

Tala opens the door

Tala: Hey fiona! Wanna come to the carnival?

Me: O.o;;

Kai: HEY! I asked first!!!

Tala: NO WAY!!

Me: um...guys?

Kai: Go away tala! She doesnt want you to go with her!

Tala: Says you!!!

Fiona sits down the couch. And ray enters and finds Kai and Tala fighting

Ray: Um guys? What you fighting about?

Kai and Tala: HEY RAY!

Kai: Hey i said hi first!

Tala: NO WAY! I said it first!!!

While kai and tala continous to fight ray comes over to fiona.

Ray: Hey fiona! wanna go with me to the carnival?

Fiona: Sure

Fiona and ray go off together to the carnival

Kai: NO WAY! I DID!!

Tala: SHUT UP! I DID!!

Kai and Tala: Huh? HEY RAY COME BACK WITH FIONA!!!!!

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