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We have a freewebs site, its our main page and graphics resource site- CHECK IT OUT! VJust click the enter sign below, and feel free to submit anything^^

We also have a forum, which you can enter, by clicking HERE

Updates are posted on the site above, some, mainlky regarding the otaku, are posted on this site as well as any fanart or greetings done by members for the site ^_^
Our site has alot to offer and anyone can join as long as you refuse to discriminate against other members. Welcome all and enjoy!

New: now there are awesome avatars, enter signs, banners, and buttons for you to choose from- all located on the main site which you can enter by clicking the images above ^^

All members are in the list to the left, UNDER VISIT FRIENDS.

If you have joined and are not on our list, pm us and I'll add you imediately^^ Or sign the guestbook and mention you want to join^^ The images on the freewebs site are open to ALL MEMBERS!

Love, fallen otaku (webmistress)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

   2 Weeks...
just two weeks left until our new sanctuary.. you will see.
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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   stupid comp... grrr...
so, yeah, my comp is busted... and I can't upload things to the freewebs site at home, so it only gets done in school. Updates will still be done though... I'm gone to add three wallpapers ^_^
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

hows it hangin?
Weird subject i know... but i didn't know what else to say, lol.

Yup, site is goin SWELL as usual- I'll be updating everything again tommorow. Today I'm trying to create e-cards and find a way to make better counters for tht wallpapers.... taking submissiona again to day do please... BRING IT ON!!! love ya'll-

xXxfallen otakuxXx

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