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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/22/06:

~What Colour is Your Aura?(Astonishing ANIME pictures!!!)~

The colour of your aura is
You are very cerebral in other words you are a physical person. You have a great attitude, and you use your mental intuition. You love doing new things, and enjoy a variety of things! You are always up to new experiences. Also you are not afraid of a little aventure! You are optimistic, but you know when to be calm. People see you as energetic, full of life and will never back down. You have a great attitude, and you motivate others! You have plenty if friends, and people look up to you!
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Result Posted on 10/22/06:

~What kind of beauty are you?(Lovely ANIME pictures!!!)~

Your beauty is free-flowing, like the wind and air! You are so natural in a way people have trouble describing you! You are sensitive and charming! You love to help other people! You are caring, and warm-hearted! You are a smooth, easy person, who is very graceful! You love to show people the way, to live a good, and meaningful life! You are also, greatly liked, and loved by someone very special!Type of Beauty: Enchanting!
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Result Posted on 10/22/06:

~What do you believe yourself as?(Stunning ANIME pictures!!!)~

You believe yourself as beautiful, lovely person! People describe you as a beautiful person!!! You are very good looking, and charming, you love to smile, and warm people's hearts! You are very easy to be around, because you have a warm smile, that make people melt!!!
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Result Posted on 10/22/06:

~How would you look like if you were ANIME!!!(Breathtaking Pictures!!!)~

You look like this!! You are Different Anime!!! You don't follow trends, you make them, without really noticing! People like you beacause you express uniqueness, and love to listen to people's thoughts, you are well liked and have a lot of friends!!!
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Result Posted on 10/22/06:

Your Anime Angel - For Girls - Cute Anime Angel Pics

Angel of Dreams
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Result Posted on 10/12/06:

What do the Kingdom Hearts II Characters Think of You? (GiRLS ONLY PLEASE!) {Pics && Lengthy Results}

Heroes-------Sora:: Loves you. He'd do anything to protect you, so instead of leaving you alone, {like Kairi} he understands that you can stick up for yourself so he took you with him. Riku:: Is really happy that Sora found someone like you, but feels sorry for Kairi. Kairi:: Hates you with a passion (lol). She is extremely jealous of you because you've got Sora.Donald & Goofy:: Are really happy for you and Sora, and they think you make an adorable couple. ^_^Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee: They all love you, but the guys find you a bit pip-squeakish, even though you're the farthest thing from it when it comes to your fighting ability. Hayner & Pence: Think you're awesome, and they treat you like their sister. Olette: Loves you to death. You're practically her best friend (other than the guys lol)Mickey:: Is very glad that Sora found someone as amazing as you. He knows that you're a great hero, and that you'll have a great impact on the destiny of everyone around you. Organiation XIII-----------------Roxas:: Being Sora's other half, he shares his feelings for you. But he knows that being an Organization XIII member, being with you is out of the question. Axel:: He's thinking about using you instead of Kairi to get to Sora, even though he knows the risk of you easily beating the crap out of him if/when he does. Demyx:: Naturally, is afraid of you. He knows you're a strong fighter, but nevertheless, puts up a great fight for you, Sora, Donald, and Goofy in Hollow Bastion. Xemnas:: Loves the fact that you're great at collecting hearts for him. Hates the fact that you caught on to their plan before Axel had to tell you. All the other Organization XIII Members:: Couldn't care less about you. But they do care about the fact that Sora loves you. That may give them a dangerous idea. Be careful.Namine:: Being Kairi's other half, she shares her feeling of jealousy towards you. but, she doesn't hate you like Kairi does because she has Roxas.Overall:: ~You fight alongside Sora, Donald, and Goofy with your keyblade ^^~Kairi and Namine are way jealous of you. ~Almost eveyone loves you. I hope you enjoyed the quiz!! =]
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Result Posted on 10/06/06:

What Would Naruto Stars Think Of You? (36 characters tell you what they think!)

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 12
Weapon: Katana
Rank: Chuunin
Attitude: Oh god, you're the female Naruto I swear it! You're a ditsy, hyper-active, knuckle head that would rather be running around and training than you would be taking orders. REBELLION! You probably love ramen, and sweets! You're peers in Sunagakure find you hilarious and fun to be around, when you aren't being overly annoying! Your ideal boy is Naruto, Deidara, or Kiba! You get along best with Kankuro, Lee, or Jiraiya (oh dear my)! Your enemies are Gaara, TenTen, and Itachi!
Village: Hidden Sand Village
Most Admirable Trait: Adaptability
Least Admirable Trait: Your inability to SHUT UP!

Naruto- Loves to play pranks with you!

Sasuke- Finds you incredibly annoying!

Sakura- Thinks like Sasuke.

Kiba- Likes when you scratch behind his ears!

Hinata- Secretly hates you for stealing Naruto!

Shino- Thinks you're not so bad...

Ino- Thinks you're funny...

Shikamaru- Hates you for waking him up at school every day.

Chouji- Is mad because you tried to steal his foot but got your hand bit!

Kimimaro- Admires you in a sense...

Tayuya- Doesn't admire you in a sense... XD

Sakon/Ukon- Can't keep up with your ever-changing sugar levels.

Deidara- Loves how hyper and funny you can be!

Itachi- Wants to put you in Mangekyou Sharingan so you will suffer a fate worse than death.

Neji- Believes Fate and Destiny will one day crush you under a fish bowl... o.O

Rock Lee-... Loves you like every other pretty girl... *sighs*

TenTen- Hates. Your. Guts.

Temari- Loves how easily Gaara can get pissed off around you!

Gaara- Wonders how the hell you can still be alive after so many Sand Coffins!

Kankuro- Is in awe of how much Gaara hates you more than others.

Haku- Has never met you.

Sasori- Wants to turn you into a puppet!

Kisame- Will never look at pizza the same! *sniffles* (What did you do to him?!)

Iruka- Wants to cry because you and Naruto run him crazy at times.

Kakashi- Usually sweat drops around you...

Zabuza- Finds you to be incredibly insane...

Kurenai- Has no response...

Jiraiya- Thinks you will be his favorite student!

Orochimaru- Gets easily annoyed around you!

Tsunade- Was to drunk to answer! :P

Sarutobi- Loved you like a daughter!

Yondaime- Loved you even more like a daughter than the Third!

Kabuto- Same answer as Oro!

Asuma- Will never buy you anything again!

Genma- Will NEVER give you pocky again!

Hayate- Regrets coughing in your face... -_-*

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Result Posted on 10/06/06:

What kind of animal are you? (anime pics)

You're a kitty!
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Result Posted on 09/14/06:

Your Kingdom Hearts Love story!(Detailed story results, and pic!)

Your Perfect Match isSORAYour name is HarukaWhat they thinkSora: She's the greatest!Riku: She's a little out there, but it's nice to see Sora happy.Cloud: She is adventurous and funny, a perfect match for Sora.Axel: She reminds me of Roxas.Demyx: She reminds me of AxelRoxas: She reminds me of Sora.<<<<<>>>>>> You were sitting on the shores of Destiny Island. The waves washed over your feet, cooling them in the hot sun. You were trying to remember the last time you had a chance to do this. It had been on your 16th birthday. You, Sora, and Riku had gone out to the island and you guys just chilled. Now you were 9 months into your sixteenth year and you had just gotten back from your adventure. The small waves dulled the tone of everything. You had fallen asleep, let your guard down for the first time in a long time. When you awoke, you were not alone. Next to you was your best friend in the whole universe, Sora. You squealed happily, waking him up. "SORA! You're here!" I was happy to see him, so you hugged him."Haruka, I saw you before, but you looked so calm, I couldn't wake you.""It was the first time I let my guard down in a long time. My time in The World That Never Was made me a little quieter." Sora was staring at you. You smiled to show no hard feelings. I had been his fault that you were trapped there. He had been trying to save the world and the only way to do that was use your power to stop the door to darkness. You saw Sora was about to get up and leave you to your thoughts when you grabbed his arm. "Let's go back together." He smiled. You both headed towards the dock and got into your separate boats. You rowed back to the main island. >>>>>>>>>The Next Day<<<<<<<<< You entered school in your uniform. The only problem that you had with coming back was school, it had never been a favorite of yours, but then again, is it really anyone's favorite? You laughed at your own joke. You headed to your first class. Math was boring. After your classes, you returned to your locker and heard some foot steps behind you. You turned to see Sora standing there with a gift. He handed it to you, and ran off towards Riku. You waved to him, but only Riku returned the gesture."I wonder what's in this" You placed it gently in your pack and headed out of school, to go home. When you got there, you pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. You raced out to the docks and brought the gift with you. Rowing as fast as you could, you made it to the unpopulated island in five minutes. You sat on the beach, holding the unwrapped gift in your hands. After twenty minutes of contemplating, you opened it. It had a red rose, the symbol of love. It had a gold stem and the petals were made if silk. You were so happy. Footsteps sounded from behind you. You turned to see Sora standing there. You stood and hugged him tightly. "Do you know what it means? Riku told me." Sora smiled and awaited your answer."Yes, It means Lo-" You were cut of by Sora's lips against yours. He pulled back quickly."It means Love." You smiled at Sora's blush. You hugged him again and he smiled widely."Hey! You two! Stop it now! We have work to do!" Riku called from down the beach. You kissed Sora and ran off to Riku.
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Result Posted on 09/13/06:
awww.. so kawaii!*blushes*

What's Your Anime Love Story? (Super Cute Anime Pics)

You'll be together forever, your at peaks with your heart and love to spend time with your comrade no matter where the place rain or shine you can both see the good in everything.
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