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tofu-chan (07/11/06)

Hey! Thanks for signing my guest book! I really appreciate that! Well yeah Fruits Basket is hexa good!! Hehehe! Well thanks for the comments u left me 2! :D keep reading Fruits Basket cause they just keep getting better and better. I donít wanna give anything away! Well ttyl!

Fantasy Hearts (07/11/06)

Sorry I'm just BARELY getting to sign your guestbook--I'm LOVING your site right now!!!! I heart Roxas...and the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game series, as well as Fruits Basket--as you probably noticed when checking out my site! I've also started to get into DN Angel...I've only read the first volume so far, but I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read more! Is the DN Angel show in English too? Oooo! And today I'm ordering a box set of the Kingdom Hearts manga off of the internet! Yay!!!!

Anywho...do you think you could help me? I don't really know how to put up a background on my site-and I would really like to! Thanks.

Okay...now I'm starting to blab off, so I'll talk to you later. Bye bye!

~ Fantasy Hearts

sora riku luver13 (07/10/06)

hi hi! yay another kingdom hearts fan! yay for me! i added you as a friend and we should chat sometimes.

Scrap (07/05/06)

Hey thanx for signing my gb and sorry if it took so long to add you.
Well I have all the volumes of Dnangel. and it's really cool.
Nice bg I like Kh2 but I just don't play becuz I have no ps2.
Well see ya around buddy

InuyashaLady15 (07/04/06)

Hi I like your background and I love the song. I have all of her songs too so cool same for kh and kh2 too well hope u come n visit my site sometime bye.

XNinja KitsuneX (07/04/06)

Me: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i have signed your BG. Again!! X3

Bakura: Point is?

Me: *kicks him*

Bakura: Ow you son of a bi-

Me:..*kicks him out of my room* w00t! I win! I added you! X3 Thanks for checking my other site out.which I mena this one! XD I still think your site is better then my your BG is awesome!! super coolio!

Bkura:..*banging on teh door* LET ME IN!!!

Me: XP YOU CAN STAY OUT THERE! XO Okay i added you and whatenot and blah blah I'm just making thi sto long. you tak ecare and have a great day bye!

~ Vampire Ninja Kitsune ~

jennifer92 (07/04/06)

OMFG!! *Dies* X_x

Bakura: Uhhh riiight is that normal?

Riku: Don't look at me...

Bakura:..O.o'' now what?

Riku: *shrugs*

*jumps back up* I liiiiive!! >:D lolz hiya! My name is Kitsune! X3 Thanks for signing my GB that was so awesome of you to do! *hugs* i so luff your site that I died!! X3 lolz (jk) I love your BG and AVI. Oh Oh Oh!! i so had to add you as a friend. which I did! XD Cool! *screams* HEY EVERYONE!! I HAVE A COOL PERSON ON ME FRIENDZ LIST!! SHE SOOOOOOOOO ROXS!! XD

Bakura:..O_O'' Uh..nice to know.


>:D I'm pure eval!! lolz but not to my friendz.PM me anytime I luff to talk and I always support my friendz when they need. or if you want some help or need to vent or whatever I'm here for ya! >:3 i the Vampire Kitsune shall support my new friend! XD Anyone who hurtz her feelings shall regret it! Mwahahaha!! lolz Okay I'm just wasting time aren't I?

Bakura: yea and alot of it..-.-

Riku:..*smirks* you shouldn't have said that..

Bakura: wh-

*pulls out whip* Bakura-Sama...be a nice slave and come here. Did you just talk back to me...? >:3 I'll teach you a nice need to know lesson. MWAHAHAHAHA!! *Run after him*

Bakura: AHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Runs even faster*


Namine: Nani? why are they running around?

Riku: Do not ask.

Kisara: Then I'll finish the GB signature. Okay how does she do this again..?

Namine: Let me try. You take care and have a great day. Hope to see you around. bye for now. ^-^ that good?

Kisara: *nods*

Riku: Oh and She has another site if you didn't know. it's XNinja KitsuneX

~ Vampire Kitsune ~

lordsesshomaru (07/03/06)

Thanks for signing my guestbook when you did. I apologize for taking so long to reply, lol. I get sidetracked. ^^;; Anyway, your site looks good. The KH theme is nice. I like it. ttyl ^_^

flight flys (07/01/06)

hello I like ur theme i love kh2 well i'll add you as a friend so see ya!

flight flys

gravigirl (06/30/06)

hey nice site I like that you change around ....I would do that I just don't have the time ....Owwweeelll ...swing by my site ...I'll ad you as a friend
gravi out =^_^= *meow*

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