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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Friends Birthday party!
Hi Everybody!
What a fun day!
i got to lindsay's house and we all sa tand watched some tv i started jumping from couch to couch and they kept following me cause they didnt want me to be alone.. so then we go into the pool and my friends are like nice bikini im like thanks, i wouldnt get in the pool so there like come on get in it wont hurt .. so i get in and im like its soo cold and my friends start to laugh so then they decide to play water pool volley ball and we hit back and forth again and again ... Then my friend starts poking me and my friend grabs me and keeps poking me .. then after that we go into the house to eat eat eat so then my frien dopens her presents and squeals yay! so then we all sit around and talk ... Then chang into clothes and then have a bowl of icecream and my friend making me laugh soo hard the whole time so im laughing and smiling and my friend icecreams me and hits me with frosting so i have frosting and icecream on me ...
farfarawayidol x: and then i wipe it off and talk and then i went home...
I had a great time!

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