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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

   What A wonderful 3 days..
Sunday I waited for my best friend to get to my house. She got there at 7:00pm. I opened the door and i swung my arms around her. On Monday my friend kristen came over my house and me, my best friend and kristen went to the libary. Then we went to market basket and got some yummy candy. Then we went to brooks and got some yummy stuffs. Then we got caught in the rain and i toke off my shoes and was like "Down the Yellow Brick Road"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ^^. We got caught in the rain we went to greenleaf to play on the playscape we slid down slides danced on the tables in the rain. Played hop scotch in the rain. ^^ we had sooo much fun. I went home got them towels so they could dry off. On Tuesday me and my best friend went to our friend julianne's i got my eyebrows plucked. We did makeovers i got my hair straightened. We ate lots of chohlate drenched foods. YUMMMMM!. I was wearing a short dress and my sexy black boots. I looked HOT!!!!! ^^. It was a great 3 days.


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