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Monday, August 6, 2007

   Welcome Home!!!!
Hey all,
I just got home yesterday from 2 weeks at my best friend's grandparents house in DyerBrook maine. It was soooo much fun. I went four wheeling I NOW KNOW HOW TO DRIVE ONE!!!!!!. I went mudding that was sooo cool to almost get dunked in mud. I went shopping got some awesome clothes. I BAKED!!!!!!!!. I made the most amazing cookies ^^. YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!. It was sooo sad to see it end. It toke 5 hrs both ways. When i went to my best friend's uncles house to go swimming the 4th. That was fun!. Her grandmother gave me a hug and a kiss. Her grandfather gave me a hug. They think of me as a 15th grandchild. I guess they warmed up to me. ^^. It was sooo much fun to be up in maine. It was sooo beautiful. The moon shines right through your window. I loved it!. You cant get that in the city. 2 wonderful weeks in the country side. BEST EXPEIENCE OF MY LIFE!!. ^^.
My best friend's grandparents want me to come up next summer. ^___________^.

Lots of love

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