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Saturday, December 10, 2005

My comic part 7,Kish is a total moron
Bizzy:Masaya Do it again and I'll snap ur neck
Masaya:y-yes ma'm
Cherri:Kish is still running
Maurice:He's a loser
Kish:I AM NOT*is still running*
Bizzy:Yes you are*sticks out her fist in the way while kish is running smacks him and his face lands in her cinderblock stash8
Ichigo:where did you get all of thoose cinder blocks?
Masaya:Who knows
Bizzy:I have a few friends in the concrete beuisness
Cindy:that explains a lot
Maurice:At leats they aren't bricks
Bizzy:nope I got thoose toopens a secret door to revele a huge weapons vault*see?
Ryou:do you have night vision googles?
Bizzy:yup,Government Issue
Kish:uh-oh...should I run now?
Everyone but Bizzy:YES!!
Bizzy:oh no you don't*pulls out tranquilizer and shoots kish*that should do it
To be continued:

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