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Saturday, December 3, 2005

My comic part 6,kish gets hurt yet again!
Ryou:nah,I was just kidding
Bizzy:I hate u!*bites ur arm till u bleed)ha ha!that'll teach u!
Kish:u go gurl!
Cherri:he is in for it now
Maucie:He is sooo done for!
Bizzy:Die kish*sticks crab down kish's pants*ha that should keep him for now
Ichigo:okay then
Masaya:She is scary!
Bizzy:*turn her hhead and stares at Masaya*what waz that?!?!
Ichigo:now,now Bizzy calm down
Cherri:I wouldn't get in her way Ichigo
Maurice:she's snapped again
Cherri:Clear out
Cindy:aww man this is not gonna be good!
Kish:whoa,My chick knows how to fight,ow ow!gimee some of that
Bizzy:Masaya ur free to go now,kish on the other hand,is a dead man!
Kish:Oooooooh craaaaap!RUN!*runs away but ends up in the same exact place*
Maurice:never run in comics u allways ending up right where u were
Cindy:I agree
Ichigo:kish is an idiot
Masaya:I agree
To be continued:

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