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Saturday, September 3, 2005

the adventures of me mew Bizzy!part 3:kish gets hit with a mallot
kish:do u really want me to die?
Bizzy:no I just want u wounded.
Cherri:too bad he only got brused
Ichigo:yeah and lost a few teeth
Masya:such violent s huh Ryou?
all s:hey
Bizzy:acullay I'm glad I'm violent if I wasn't how would I have fun?
boys:whoa did u have to much soda?
Bizzy:Maybe...I'm not a phyco!
Ryou:calm down Bizz before u hurt someone
Kish:she has if u haven't noticed she's stepping on me
Ryou:I meant before she hurts anyone important
Masya:ryou that was a little harsh
cherri:he has a piont
Ichigo:kish isn't that important
Bizzy:its true
Tart:he's right
Bizzy:don't be such a baby!
Ichigo:i agree kinda
Masya:what?huh?I feel asleep.
Ryou:ok then
Bizzy:I need *takes out her mallot in the tummy*
Kish:ow!!!!my tummy hurts!
everyone:who cares?
Kish:I do!
Kish:u smell!
Cherri:kish ur a sissy
Kish no I' not*sob
Bizzy:see ur crying cause cherri called u a sissy if cry at that then u r a sissy
Kish:ok then I am but thats y u love me right?
Bizzy:4 the last time I love Ryou!not u!
to be continuded

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