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Saturday, December 31, 2005


Posting Time!
Hear ye, hear ye!

Turns out I can make quite decent fanlistings ;)

I just got approved for the Relationship of Kira Takuto and Saukrai Eichi from Full Moon wo Sagashite at TAFL!! I don't really approve of yaoi/yuri so it's not supposed to be a Romantic kinda thing, but TAFL states that it can be whatever you'd like it to be, either Friendship, Rivalry, or Romance, so yeah -_-"It's coming soon you guys, so stay tuned ;) *fangirly squeal*

AND AND AND!!! I finished a fanlisting for a good friend on MyO, Kawaii_Presea, or Ashley, or Satoshi, whatever you call her. It's located here:

click ._.

I'm sure all of us love her that much, so if you're a friend of Presea-chan, PLEASE go join. I have one new member already, and the FL just started today! I was born to do this >:3 Yep.

Oh yes, and happy new years!! I hope you guys had a wonderful 2005 and an even better 2006. For me, I'm going to have a party with the whole family (the ones in Canada, anyway x3) Yep! Well, take care all of you. I'll see y'all later ;)


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Monday, December 26, 2005

   Late Christmas -_-

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Merry Kurisumasu, minna-san!! Though it is a little late, here's a gift from me to all of you:

click meh now ._.

Well?? Is it okay? *panics* >w< I learned a few tricks on Photoshop CS2.

And I have a new site/blog! It's hosted by destiny-star.com, here it is: click ! I hope you guys like it, the layout's made by me =).

Anyway, I just came here to stop by and give y'all this. I hope all of you have a lovely Christmas two-oh-oh-five <333


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Saturday, November 19, 2005


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Okay, so you're probably wondering: Why is she back here? Well, I just couldn't resist so I checked back to see what was going on. And the next thing that hit me was that I got 1000+ hits... without updating at all *.* So I thought I should celebrate, even though I promised myself to try not to get addicted to this thing again xP. I''m not going to update on this thing, maybe a few major events, but not a lot. I'm just oh-so busy, you understand. There's another Basketball tournament coming up, also I'm getting a French test on Moday and a Science Project on Tuesday, and I'm supposed to practice for Choir, and everything's a MESS!! The only site I'm actually blogging on is Livejournal.

Anyway, the new theme is from a show I sort of got addicted to: It's called 15/Love (and it's because I can play Tennis pretty good too), and it features one of my favorite couples in there: Cody Myers and Gary Furlong aka Squib ^^. I don't think most of you know abou this, so it's okay if you're totally clueless on the whole thing. Also the new song is called Goin Crazy by Natalie.

I might as well tell you what happened today. We hunted aaaall over the place for a PSP I'm getting for Christmas. Mom's going to buy me one for $349 + tax, but she said I'm probably only gonna get a book for Christmas next year @_@, LOL. And tomorrow I'm going for my first day as Altar Server =D!! Have to wake up early though, and go all the way to Church at 9:45. Most of you wake up early I guess, but on weekdays I like to sleep in until 9:30 at times >,<.

Righties. I'm going for now. I love you guys all soooo much and missed you too, just to let you know ^^. I'm really glad to get a chance and talk to you guys again ^^.


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Saturday, October 22, 2005


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As you can see, there's a new song on. Indonesian, but I can translate the lyrics for you.

Mungkin Nanti [Maybe One Day
By Peterpan

The words I'm speaking now
Might be the last you'll hear
It's all right just let it go
I'm sure this is the time.

* It may be that you aren't the you anymore
Or maybe that feeling just left me

reff: And maybe one day
We'll meet again
Something I'll tell you never to do
Is to ask back
The feeling that I had already left
Like yesterday
When it was all still there

And if your heart is saddened
Avoiding your dreams
Opening your heart
To that long-ago story

repeat *
repeat reff

reff2: No, you don't have to doubt
Your love for me
But find the faults that I did
And all that feeling you gave me


Why did I put THAT song on? Well, I've been racking through my collection of songs. This one was the most fitting of what I'm about to say to you all; Goodbye. I just don't feel that same excitement anymore when I post in here. It just feels different. I've decided that it's time to leave MyO. I've thought over this many times, and the decision is final. I'm sorry guys, but this is where it ends. I've met lots of great people here, it's just too bad that I can't keep in touch with you guys anymore. You can delete me off your friends list if you want to, but just letting you all know that I'll leave the site on. I'll never forget you guys, because I've been shown so much love and friendship here. I love each of you bunches. Special thanks to Sharingan_Itachi and also Kawaii_Presea. They're the ones I feel most closest to, don't know if I got the same feeling from them, but STILL. I love you both SOOOO MUCH. Thank you for all you've done for me ^^. I've had lots of fun here. All of you here in the community were like my online family.

Thank you for all of your visiting here and commenting and giving and PMing and help and... JUST EVERYTHING. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU.

I'll see you all later now. Be good! *mwahz*


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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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Eyy, everyone...

Sometimes I think I'm running out of creativity because I can't think of any more subjects for this post... >,<

Okay, lol, anyways... Umm, today, the school bus was late until it was past 9:00. So me, my cousin, my friend Joaquin, and this Grade 7 dude called Raphael decided to tour the neighborhood (I don't know why -_____-") So as we did, we decided to go to Raphael's house. (I don't know abouyt that either XDDD) We went to his house, played his X-Box, but then Joaquin said he sort of felt guilty because he didn't go to school XD. I was feeling the same way (Sort of a nerd here XD) So he was like, "Umm, let's go to school" and then he was "No, let's stay here!" It was the longest hesitation ever. So all of us decided to walk to school. Soon as we took 12 steps from Raffy's house, the bus came XD. By the time we arrived to school it was 9:45. It was fun, sort of like playing hooky.... But not really (Now, I ain't saying that I'm gonna XD) I'm praying that tomorrow the bus will be late again. Raphael's house was so nyycee and tidyy... The polar opposite of mine's.

Lol, no one has read Spiderwick? Very few of you like reading, huh? Ah well... I have another question to ask you guys. Do you ever go on any SEED/Destiny Forums? Any of you ever signed up here? If you ever did, pretty please tell me your username? *googly eyes*

And I don't think I'll be updating as much as I used to. Without realizing it, life's really busy lately, and it's not giving me any lunch breaks. I'm sorry, but I'll try to get to your sites. So, yeah, no worries. I'm gonna go eat my Mac and Cheese now.


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Friday, September 23, 2005

   Oi, everyone

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Ey, everyone...

Today we did our Terry Fox Run. After the first lap, I was already sweating like crazy!! Lol, I ended up doing 21 laps in two and a half others. It was sort of like a waterfight in some ways because since the people were giving us free water bottles, we sprayed it at each other as we were passing by people. I got so frickin wet... My hair looked as if it had just been shampooed, XDDDD. But it was all worth it. We wet my friend Dylan's hair and then he shaped it like a Mohawk. It looked so funny X3!

After that, we just hung around in class taking pictures with my cellphone, posing like retards.. 0.0. By the way, most of you guys have cellphones, right? What kind do you use? Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, or maybe even an N-Gage? I use a Sony Ericsson.

After this we're going to the Library... >,< I don't know about you guys, but I'm sorta like a bookworm. I'm currently reading a series called The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi. Anyone ever read that?


I guess not. XD

Anyway, gotta go now. I'll see you all later!


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

   How was your day?

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Hoooii, minna-san...

*breathing heavily*... Mine's was fine. I had some homework, but they were too easy... *collapses after downloading 5 whole volumes of Naruto mangascans*


So anyway, like it said, I spent my after-school time downloading Naruto mangascans and playing Checkers on MSN Instant Games with my friend Derek XD... By the way, I forgot to thank yŠll for all the nice comments... not as much comments as before, but I REALLY appreciate all the welcome-backs. All your sites have really improved. I really like Kawaii_Presea's Sakura layout.

Hmmmmm... what else... Oh yeah... We're gonna have a Terry Fox Run for our school. It's nice to know that people all over the world are doing something for the cure of cancer. Oh, and the fact that running is really fun, and I'm pretty fast too ^0^.

Anyway, I must download the sixth Naruto chapter... I'll see you all later!


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Monday, September 19, 2005

   Finally back

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Mood: Sleepy
Time: 7:56 am
Listrening to: Nothing

The title says, I'm back, which means... I'M BACK. But not from vacation, really (I actually arrived on Sept. 8th). But since Adam and his other "helpers" never did anything or replied to nothing about the problems on my website, I just sorta gav up. What's the fun in MyO if you can only post, post, and post? I need to do layouts, layouts, and layouts. So I finally decided to go back here again and see all of your bright faces ^^. I went to Lie's, Animefreak's, and Sharingan_Itachi's, when I noticed his layout changed into Megaman. So I'm all like, "D'oh? How the hell did he get that fixed?" (I seriously sounded like Homer Simpson. Go Homer! X333) So I asked him to fix MY problem and he did. Arigato-gozaimasu again and again and again! He is the best onii-chan you can ever have!!

So to celebrate, I got a new layout up: V6, Sakura x Sasuke! I'm not really sure if there are a lot of fans for them, but I just think they're too funny, what with Sakura doing everything to get Sasuke to like her, and her and Ino's rivalry over him. They're pretty cute. (Hmm.. Maybe I should've done an Ino x Sasuke x Sakura thing or something.) So how do you like it? It might not be as nice as the one before, but then again, I was in a rush. I had to do it really quickly, because Steff-chan was coming over. So yeah. I hope I can apologize to yall for being so absent. I'm gonna try to reply to all your guestbook entries now. If I don't get to finishing all off them, I'll do it after school.


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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   In Korea!!

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Hey guys,
This is probably the only post I can make in my vacation. Let me explain. I'm in Korea!! We went from Toronto to New York [JFK Airport was cool], and now we're in Seoul, Korea. In the airport of that at least. We're waiting for the plane to Jakarta now. I can't wait, but it takes 10 hours. Can you believe that?? And now I'm at an Internet Cafe in Korea. The keyboard's really weird, it has Korean symbols all over the English letters, and everything is in Korean I guess. But thank God they show English websites like The O here as English. I miss you guys SOOOO much. Thanks for all the nice comments, btw. Really appreciated it. But really, just because I'm Indonesian doesn't mean I'm pretty XD. Thanks anyway, guys. I hope I get the problem fixed. I really want to post up my new theme. *sigh* See you all later... Really later... And for those who signed my guestbook, sorry, but I can't reply you all right now. Please be patient!!

I love you guys!!

*big mwahz*


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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

   Bye all.

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Thought I'd say bye now. ^^ In a rush, so sorry if it's short. It's going to be a while, I love you all, I know you miss me ^^. But it seems like before I left I was cursed with a horribley cursey curse. I'm stuck with the same problem as Sharingan Itachi, except that it's in the Profile. Damned text-box... Anyway, I'll miss you guys a lot in my well-earned vacation in Indonesia.'Yes, I am Indonesian XD. I'll be thinking of you guys as I sip my coconut drink XD.

Much love now. Gotta go, taxi's here.


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