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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bordom and Doodles

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Hi everyone! Today has been kind of a lazy day for me. Even though I've been cleaning and feeding deer most of the day lol. I went to sleep at 5:00 AM last night!!! o.O My dad was getting up for work and I just walked by him and said "night!" xD

I submitted 3 e-cards today on here but they havn't showed up yet T.T *waits* I've been meaning to put them up for some time but MyO kept being stupid lol

Ohh Also I was drawing last night (which is partly why I didn't go to sleep till late) I'm working on a drawing of anime versions of me and my friends starting school. I finished drawing me and just one of my friends but I think I can try and fit some more into the pic. Then add a BG ^^

Me and my dad are waiting for my mom to get home so we can go out to eat at Cowboys (this fish resturant) Personally, I hate fish x.X but I gotta go anyway. I also have to try and get a job at Cowboys cause I need the money and theres an opening. I heard there last employee got fired for eating all the fish and shrimp off the buffet xD

Ohhh I just heard someone drive up so I gotta go xD
p.s. I'm gonna try and visit everyone if MyO won't get all wonky lol

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