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Friday, July 20, 2007

Sweeet ^o^

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Hi guys! I'm really happy cause my aunt bought this old run down bait shop yesterday and we're going to fix it up and have a flea market! I can sell all my old junk and make some money xD It won't need much cleaning but the lady we're renting it from had to put new windows in cause some stupid kids came buy and threw rocks through the old ones. Other than that we're supposed to go up there earler and start sweeping, moping, stuff like that.
I'm not sure how much money I'll have left cause some of all our profit goes out for the rent, then I got some coming out to pay my aunt for my car, THEN I gotta save more money for A-kon *sighs* I'm just gonna have to wait to see the Harry Potter movie xD

Allright, speaking of A-kon, me and my mom figured it up and it could take about a $1000 to go (counting room cost, food, gas, random spending) x.x
Question: Does anyone know another good way to get some money??

Sorry if I don't comment on everyones posts today but Otaku is being really weird and won't let me comment -.- But I'll try again in a minute!

hmmmm anything else....*thinks* My dad saw another baby deer on the road this morning O.O He didn't bring it home though he just got out and put it in the bushes. It had a broken leg and my dad has been putting a guilt trip on me and my mom wanting to go back and get it. But we just can't help it! We're about to start a buisness we can't take care of another little deer with special needs! T.T aww great now I feel guilty XP

See ya later!
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