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Thursday, July 19, 2007


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Wow I havn't been here in a long time! T.T It's been a very busy summer for me. Right at the end of school we had to move, then right in the middle of the move my dad almost ran over a baby deer. So he jumps out of his truck and catches it! Then it happened again a week later! So now I have two baby deer (one's a doe named Tinkerbell and the other is a buck named Baby Buck Dink ^.^) to take care of lol there still drinking from a bottle but they also LOVE apples!

I also got a new car! I got my permit just a few days ago but my mom is still very nervous about letting me drive. I can't wait to just be able to hop in the car whenever I want to and go wherever!

Also I'm very happy that I may be able to go to A-kon in Dallas next year ^_^ I Pre-registered online the other day cause there really cheap and my dad said if I can earn the money and get good grades in school this year (I'm gonna be in 11th grade! wow!) then I just might get to go. I hope he's home then and not off on a job somewhere cause my mom has allready said she can't drive in Dallas xD
So I'm praying really hard that I'll be able to find a job and start coming up with some money!

Random Stuff~~~

THese are the anime's I really want to watch O.O!!
~Ouran High School Host Club
~Air TV (Vic Mignogna is playing the lead character in the dub ^o^)
~Chrono Crusade

Later guys!
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