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Sunday, April 22, 2007

More intresting stuff!
Hey guys. The fake car crash was really cool. They didn't actually crash and the juniors and seniors allready knew about which kinda took away from the coolness of it to me -.- It was better than I expected.
The story was that this married couple were coming home from a baby shower cause the wife was 9 months pregnant. When this group of kids coming from prom were driving drunk and hit them killing one of the girls and the pregnant mother. It was vary believable XD The cops, fire department, ambulance, and even a helicopter came. I got some pictures but I'll post them later cause they are really big and I have to shrink them down lol.
The school is really pressing against drunk driving this year. So much so you won't believe what my principle did.
He put a COFFIN in front of the office in the school. Yeah. It had a mirror in and it was suppose to be like you if you drink in drive that'll be you in there...I got pictures of that to! XD
You would think my school was pretty cool but really..this is the most intresting thing thats happened all year XD

So there is a bunch of usless boring information about my life you all can bother to read XD I'm doing a little bleach theme now. Spending alot of time with a bleached obbsesed cousin does things to ya o.o lol But I still got some things I gotta tweak on the site so it's not done just yet.

OMGosh! I can't sleep cause my aunt is spending the night and she keeps snoring! I'll be laying in bed about to go to sleep when I hear a humungose snoting sound and scares me back awake XD Thats why I got on here and updated lol ^^;;

*Sigh* Well I'll go get the ear plugs.
Hope yall are having a great weekend!

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