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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

yay for spring!!
Only 2 more days till spring break for me!!! ^o^ I can't wait to sleep, surf the net, chill, ride my forwheeler XD It's gonna be great.

We just got threw with a pizza party in journalism class which was really fun.
Last Sunday me and my friend went to this cool show at this church called Team Impact. Its where these big, muscled up dudes break concrete bricks, concrete bricks that are on fire (:o), and they squished a full can of sprite that sprayed all over us. Oh yeah me and my friend were sitting way up at the front on the floor with the little kids XD lol Our other friend David made us do it lol

Yep so things are pretty cool. I have fell in love with the manga Vampire Knight (thanks to wings of dreams XD) I can't wait for volume two to come out in May!!

See you guys later!!!!

(p.s. Older Garra from shippuuden rocks!!!!! I'm going to make a wallpaper about him ^^)

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