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Monday, March 12, 2007


Wow I'm really tired and hungry! Darn you daylight savings time lol XP Well I thought today was going to be a disaster cause I got detention for being late to school. The only reason I was late is because our electricity went of during the night and wiped out my clock.
But now It seems like things are turing out pretty good. Detention (which is during lunch here) Gave me time to catch up on homework and hide from this dude who is trying to ask me to prom. lol

Also so far in all my classes we have done nothing. In french and english we watched movies and now Our teacher is out so we're just serfing the internet lisining to Bleach songs ^.^ So yeah today wasn't as bad as I though it would be.

Also after school we may go up to Pine Bluff and get my glasses ^o^ I actually can't wait to be able to see again lol. After that we may go to the mall and buy manga!

Now if only I had some food cause I'm starving ;.; (didn't eat cause of detention)

Hope you guys are having good days too!!!!

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