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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Before Slumber
I sit alone and think of you hoping you can hear me,
If I close my eyes before i sleep i can see you clearly.

Even where I am now where everywhere is dark,
I can feel you here beside me tugging at my heart.

Anxiously I wait to hear a precious word or two,
something to let me know you feel me as much as i feel you.

I take the blame and apologies for these nights that i have denied you,
but this gives me time to love your mind before i lay beside you,
let me take away your pain, wipe your tears and guide you.

I hope my words don't sound to strong but passion has no fear,
each breathe i breath is ecstasy that build up through the year.

There is no cure for what i feel, it's just the pain that ails me,
No prescription from the doctors modern medicine has failed me.

and i know this is a lot to take, but i mean each word sincerely,
these hungry letters sent with passion hoping you can feel me

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