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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Random Rant 10
Ok 4 ne1 who knoes be from b4,my Random Rants are back! YAY!..... ok enough of this happy bull shit crap, down to buisness

I dont understand what the hell is up with some ppl! I mean seriously. Every time i walk down the fucking street some jack ass dude in a car pulls up next to me or honks his horn. they tart talking to hit on me thinking they actualy have a chance! The most annoying thing is when you ignore them but they just keep following you and wont leave u alone. thisw is about the time where i flip them off, most just drive away after that but the more persistent ones just say things like "aw c'mon dont be like that" or "u knoe u dont mean it"
God damnit they piss me off!!! This also happens when im with some of my friends too!!

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