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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

our own little Euro Trip
During a fashion tour a while back, me and a buch of my friends decided to take an R.V. for a 13 hour drive. It was 5 guys and 4 gurls. Me, Renee, and Charlotte. Then there was Julian, Christopher (british based), Milo, Gerald (CA based), and Marcus (Italian based like Milo. Marcus was 21 so he would be driving. It was mostly a drive through the country side so we thought it was goin to be a peice of cake. We brought food and video games, portable dvd players and other shit like that.

About six hours in, something went wrong with the engine. i was thinking "holy shit its in the midle of the frickin night and we'r in the middle of nowhere. And we'r all just a bunch of teenagers (well except for Marcus" It was one hell of a time to be thinkin about the movie Jeepers Kreepers!

All the boys went out side to check the engine and get some fresh air. It was too cold outside so the girls just stayed in. I ain't about to freeze my ass off. The three of us just decided to play around with our make up and experiment with different patterns while the guys did all the dirty work.

I knoe about this part cuz the guys told me. While they wer outside it was pitch black so they brought flash lights. I'm not exactly sure what was wrong but i knoe it would take around 15 mins to fix. But suddenly these little rockes starded rolling down the hill. and there was deffinetly no one to be seen on the top. The rest happened like a movie. after the guys saw the rocks roling down, they heard a twig snap loudly then a crow cawed right at them and flew low enough for them to have to duck. But the creepest part was when they said they heard this rumbling noise. like the type an animal makes.

This was the part when they run Screaming like six year old girls back into the RV. Picture if you will... Five guys, all of them around 6 feet tall, screaming at the top of their lungs, while me, Renne, and Charlotte are laughing our asses off at them!

I remember that part because i got it on video (we wer playin with the video camera).

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