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Friday, December 21, 2007

   The Bus Ride
Okay, so I was riding the bus home today, and it's me, my friend, and this random guy. I have the ability to ask people that randomest questions ever. I'm like, "What would you do if your ears fell off?" The random guy's like, "I'd scream my butt off. I'd be like, 'AHHHH!!!'" And he stuck his tongue out really far. Me and my friend started cracking up. I couldn't breathe for, like, two minutes. So, we decided that you'd hear outta your mouth. Then, I'm like, "Wait. If you laughed your butt off, you'd be missing that AND your ears." He's like, "OMG. You're right." And we started laughing again. We also decided that you'd poop out your eyes. It was an interesting day. But, it was the last day before break. What do you expect? :P
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