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Thursday, July 5, 2007

   omg...I'm going insane just like my smiley x3
yup my dearest visitors you can now declare me insane. I have decided to go and draw an effing manga about beyblade. for those who are interested, don't expect to much becuase I never did it before. it will be about kai hiwatari, and a fucked up life that he leads in the closed ward of his grandfathers hospital for mentally disturbed people. well that he is mentally slightly disturbed is clear in the stoory, and how are those mirrors and nightmares involved with this? in other words it is going to be quite angsty and I'll maybe put in some little horror-influences too x3. I am going put tala in it too, so ya all know what that means ne? don't come running to me after reading like: "OMG IT WAS JUST SICK THEY KISSED AND DID MORE ICKY STUFF!!! IEEEEE" because then I'll tel you that you should have read this post and my message included with the manga.

the funny thing is, that the story that belongs with it, actually was requested by one of my readers on fanfiction.net
if anyone is interested in reading my stories there, my account = Lyrancon.
do not read "Tears in the Moonlight" because it sucks :P I prefer, that if you want something up to date, read "burn past burn" it's a kaixrei story in which rei turns a bit....suicidal with all consequences of surviving an attempt to kill yourself. and of course a fucked up kai who is about to shatter into little pieces. don't worry the story has a happy end ^-^

if anyone is interest in the story I'm going to use for my manga please lemmi know.
leave your e-mail adress in a comment or PM so I can send it to you.

OH! I almost forgot, the story/manga is titled "Mirrorview Illusions"
the title is a very very very tiny spoiler of the story x3

well I hope some people will react x3 that would help me to improve my writing to since when people read stories, they can give constructive comments too^^


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