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Sunday, August 5, 2007

This is going to be an eventful week. ^_^; I take that Road test thingy on Friday, so if all goes well I should get my license. There is a small problem though. The only vehicle I can driveóan old beat up Jeep Cherokeeóis about to kick the bucket. D: I might not be able to get it repaired in time. Where Iím so short, I canít see out of anything else my Parents own. I would ask a friend to let me borrow their car, but Iím afraid something might happen. Zut! Murphyís Laws, man.

Two more weeks left of freedom. Joy. D: Now I just need to decide on a career path. Pathetic, I know. Lol It makes me feel as though Iím wandering aimlessly.

This is my last month as a teenager. Iím getting old. :3 Nineteen going on two, I say!

What is with all these bright/vibrant colors you ask? To heck if I know. :D The question is: How long can I tolerate this theme? Iíve been experimenting with the dark arts, and this theme was the final product I guess you could say. ~_~; I should know better, I mean look what happened to poor Lyon. ;_;

Things you should know:

ē I DID NOT make this wallpaper. You will find this, and many more, at Wild ARMs.Net. Their Christmas wallpaper is evil. xD Lol

ē The characters are celebrating Hanami. I know itís out of season, but I thought the illustration was cute. :3

ē This is honor of completing Wild ARMs 3 several weeks ago. Even though Iíve completed the game, Iím having trouble identifying two characters in this wallpaper. The guy wearing the sunglasses on his head; and the guy standing between Janus and Virginia, with the open shirt. Sad, ne?

ē Iím not finished yet, so please bear with me. ^_^; I would make my own backgrounds, but time has been scarce for me.

Eh, thatís about it. You all take care. Thanks for reading. ^_^

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