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Sunday, July 1, 2007

I Stress Therefore I Am

Well, donít hold me to what I said about the Doujinshi. ~_~; That didnít really come out as intended. For the most part you can follow pictures, but there are some cases where the dialogue is what makes the scene/joke. Mine was a gift, so the person who treated me thought he was buying something in English. He kinda got mad when I showed it off to him. Maybe someday Iíll be able to read it. Wouldnít hold my breath, but you never know until you try. ^_~

What I meant by first/last was that I donít have money for such things right now. I love to collect them, but the chances of finding cheap/legit copies are a bit rare. (With my luck, anyways. ^^;) I was fortunate to buy mine through someone I had done business with before on Ebay, so I knew that was authentic.


Speaking of Ebay, guess what I was able to find on there? The Art Book I mentioned in my last post (Wild ARMs Chronicle: F). Believe me, this book is out of print. D: No matter where I looked, no one seemed to have it in stock anymore. Though then again, donít hold me to that. Lol Anyways, mine came all the way from Tokyo, and was still factory sealed. Those things are neat to own. :D Even my brother (who told me countless times that I was throwing my money away) was fascinated. ~_~ The DVD that came with it (I had to remote hack my DVD playerÖshhhhh!) had an interesting commercial I wish I could share with you all. You know how some videogame advertisements can be.


Well my Parents are making me drive through town today, so keep me in your prayers. :P I shouldíve had my license by now, but you know. Thatís a long story I donít feel like going into. One could say that Iím a bit Amaxophoibic too. ~_~; When my Mother feels like she has to bribe me with a Nintendo Wii, you know something is wrong. Lol Donít worry, Iím a lot better than I use to be with this phobia. Slowly but surely, itís going away. Will I take her bribe? No. But I might try to get her help with a PSP instead. ^_~ Kinda hard to refuse a Wii though.

Er, better end this here. ~_~; Still havenít been able to visit people as I should, but Iím trying. I should be able to make some rounds later today though, so you should see me then. Once again, itís a long stressful story I donít feel like going in to at the moment.

You all take care, and thanks for reading.

Later Days



I donít own a credit card, so most of my payments are through Money Orders. ^^; Even if I did own one, I doubt Iíd put it on the interweb either. Now with the Art Book, I was going to send an international money order, but somehow I persuaded my Parents into lending me their card. Paid them back, of course. ^_^; Now, despite the way it sounds, it wasnít all that expensive either.

Who would be happy if they could get everything they wanted? ~_~; I treat myself from time to time, but thatís about it. Forgot to mention this in my post, but those two items were bought almost four months apart. Even when I mentioned the doujin in my previous entry, I had owned it for at least a month or two.

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